Candy Time!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

At Breakfast This Morning

I just sat down for my breakfast and already Candy has a question.

As she pleaded with me, I sent her some love with our secret hand signal.

"Today? Can we go to the beach today?",

she wants to know.

"Please? It's warm outside"

Yes, mi Cherub. Today is warm and today we go to the beach, but come sit down with me and have some muffins and fruit first. Then you can get ready to go.

Oh, Candy, Darling. We don't want a wagon on the beach. The wheels only get stuck in the sand. And Mr. Bear and Robin have to stay home this time.

You stay here, Robin, and take care of Mr. Bear.

Are we ready to go?

Day at the Beach

Candy says the ocean is so big it makes her feel small and lonely

It's a good thing her Imaginary Playmate showed up.
Randi has a way of making troubles disappear!

The girls had so much fun! Candy even found an abalone shell!She liked feeling the sand on her toes.
Can we come to the beach every day?

Monday, May 01, 2006

The first thing Candy did this morning was to ask
"Can we go to the beach today?"

She was still wearing the ribbon sash that her Imaginary Friend had tied at her waist last night. She was so cute standing there with her cheeks kissed by the morning sun.

"No Candy, it's still chilly outside and we have some other fun things to do. "Like what?" she asked.

. . . Like taking a hike. We need some excercise. So, we took a hike.

"Where are we going, she asked?", her curls blowing gently in the breeze.

. . . . Wherever the road leads us, Candy, wherever the road leads us.

And we happened upon some Llamas.

Candy was fascinated, but they didn't hold her attention long enough. Soon she asked "Now where will we go?"

. . . . just keep moving forward, Candy, my dear. Keep moving forward.

And we discovered Pacifica Cultural Center where the main building is painted in murals.

Candy spread her arms wide, took a deep breath and exclaimed "Oh! I Like Art!"

"See? I can dance like these children on the mural. I like dancing. I like music.

"Candy was becoming one with the art

Candy's Field Trip

Candy marveled over the mosaic courtyard. Her cheeks were flushed from the heat of the afternoon sun. "The walls are made like the table in our studio! But our table has butterflies, flowers and birds on it. This is different, but the same. The colors are so pretty! "

We'll go to the beach tomorrow, Candy.