Candy Time!

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Candy's Imaginary Playmate

Candy had a very long day dressing up in ALL of Bethany and Georgia's clothes and posing for the camera.

She was getting ready for bed but was still playing with a bit of ribbon she had found. She was trying to tie the ribbon behind her back to see how it would look on a dress. From out of nowhere, a tiny little girl appeared at the edge of the bed. She was very tiny.

Candy was startled at first, but she asked "Who are you?" The tiny girl said "Don't be afraid. I'm your imaginary playmate. Do you want that ribbon tied? I can do it for you." In the blink of an eye she tied the ribbon perfectly at Candy's waist, with a pretty, perky bow at the back.

And that's all it took for these two to become best of friends!


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